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A mixed pack of Domaine des Ronces, Côte du Jura with free delivery to your door.

1 bottle of each following wines:

  • 2018 Côtes du Jura, Florale (100% Chardonnay - topped up barrels)
  • 2019 Côtes du Jura, Chalasse (Chardonnay, Savagnin - topped up barrels)
  • 2022 Côtes du Jura, Poulsard 
  • 2022 Côtes du Jura, Trousseau
  • 2013 Côtes du Jura, Vin Jaune (Savagnin - Oxydative)
  • 2016 Côtes du Jura, Vin de Paille (Sweet Chardonnay)


Domaine des Ronces is a family estate that dates back to 1950, when Georges Mazier acquired the 1 hectare of land. Located in the southern part of Jura in the village of Orbagna, famous for producing high quality wines.


The estate is now run by Kevin Mazier (photo) and is certified organic since 2010. Everything is done to produce the best quality grapes to make the best possible wine. They became a biodynamic producer in 2014.


The range of wine produced is wide: the most typical of them all is their ''Vin Jaune'', showing intense flavours of “rancio”, walnut, dry fruits, spices like curry and ginger.


Other local varieties such as Savagnin (white), Poulsard and Trousseau (red) can produce exceptional wines.

Another specialty of Jura is the sweet "Vin de Paille" where grapes are dried to concentrate sugar and flavour.


Jura is a region that makes some very unique wines waiting to be discovered.

Domaine des Ronces, Côtes du Jura - Discovery Mixed Selection (6 bottles)

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