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  • 100% Savagnin (Oxydative)
  • Classic white winemaking, the originality comes from the maturation of the wine. It is done in French oak barrels that are not topped up where a yeast film known as veil is developing. The wine is then getting into a “jaune” with deep colour and nutty flavours. After 6 years and 3 months, the wine can be bottled in the Clavelin, a specific 620ml bottle which is what is left from 1 liter after this long process.
  • One of the most interesting wine produced in the world showing intense flavours of “rancio”, walnut, dry fruits, spices like curry and ginger. The palate is structured, complex and deep.
  • Serve around 15°C, this wine will go well with spicy food, in particular Indian cuisine but also chicken in cream and the regional Comté cheese.
  • Do not hesitate to keep for more than 20 years

2011 Domaine des Ronces – Côtes du Jura, Vin Jaune

  • Savagnin

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