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A mixed pack of Domaine Philippe Grisard, Savoie

1 bottle of each following wine:

  • ​​​​​2021 Savoie Cru Cruet, Prémice (Jacquère)
  • 2017 Roussette de Savoie, Souveraine (Altesse)
  • NV Savoie Originelle (Mondeuse Blanche)
  • 2020 Savoie Obstinée (Mondeuse Noire)
  • 2019 Isère Coteaux du Grésivaudan, Cdhuysan (Etraire de la Dhuy)
  • 2019 Savoie, Fougueux (Persan Noir)


Philippe Grisard is a third generation winemaker from Savoie who is passionate about alpine grape varieties that he develops in his nursery. The estate is based in the town of Cruet but his vineyards span over 6 villages on the face of the French Alps.

The diversity of the soils and micro-climates allow him to make a great range of high quality wines with local grape varieties that have nearly gone extinct such as Mondeuse Blanche and Persan.

Domaine Philippe Grisard, Savoie - Discovery Wine Selection (6 bottles)

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