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A mixed pack of 6 wonderful bottles following the road of the Tour:


  • Savoie, Stage 4 & 5: 2016 Domaine Louis Magnin, Roussette de Savoie (Altesse) - Stage 5 will literrally pass in front of the village of Arbin where Louis Magnin has his estate. No doubt you will see the steep hills with vineyard watching the stage on tv.
  • Burgundy, Stage 6 & 7: 2021 Domaine Philippe Naddef, Marsannay Rouge Les Genelières (Pinot Noir) - Stage 7 will be going through La Côte de Nuit where Marsannay is situated, just a little north of Gevrey Chambertin
  • Champagne, Stage 8 & 9: NV Champagne Drappier, Brut Charles de Gaulle (Pinot Noir, Chardonnay) - Champagne Drappier was the Champagne of Charles de Gaulle. Stage 8 will arrive in his village with a memorial to his honnor.
  • South West, Stage 12: 2022 Chateau Les Croisille, Cahors La Pierre (Malbec) - The race will pass just north of Cahors and its limestone plateau. This wine has been mature in a limestone tank from its own place. Can it be more terroir than that?!
  • Rhône Valley, Stage 17: 2021 Jérôme Gradassi, Chateauneuf du Pape (Grenache, Mourvèdre) - This wonderful wine come from the northern part of Chateauneuf AC closed to Orange city.
  • Nice, Stage 20 & 21: 2021 Clos Saint Vincent, Bellet Les Clos Rosé (Braquet) - A unique arrival as it is not in Paris and this 2 stages will show a unique wine too. Grapes are grown in Nice itself, at the back on steep hills. Braquet is a unique variety grown there. May be the best rosé of France!

Tour de France Pack

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